Mystic App - Coming soon

Mystic takes a holistic approach to health and wellbeing. This is a place where you can meditate, find nutritious plant based recipes, take a pilates class or find your nearest yoga studio. Health to us means mental, physical and spiritual health.

Your health, wellbeing and mindfulness needs in one place

Meditation for mindfulness practice and classes to open up your mind.
Yoga and Pilates videos to strengthen your body.
Nourish your body with healthy and nutritious plant based recipes.

Connect with your self with daily affirmations.
 Connect with others through weekly Acts of Kindness. 

App Features

Find nutritious plant based recipes.
Act Of Kindness
Receive weekly random acts of kindness suggestions.
Find the nearest yoga class, health food store or reiki practitioner.
Learn to meditate and listen to hours of meditation and mindfulness audio.
Yoga and Pilate Classes
Watch your favourite yoga and pilates class.
Receive daily affirmations and motivational quotes.
Help us build something you love by giving us feedback on the features you want the most!